List of Highly Recommended TV Series!

This is a list of some of the most entertaining TV series from various different genres. There should be something for everyone in here and you should really check it out.

NB! If we left out some of your favorites, then you can list them in the feedback section at the bottom of the page for all of the other visitors to see.

House of Cards trailer

House of Cards (2013) Amazon - iTunes

Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) uses everything in his arsenal to gain more power and to destroy his enemies.

The Walking Dead trailer

The Walking Dead (2010) Amazon - iTunes

In a world full of zombies, Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes fights for the safety of himself and other survivors.

Fargo trailer

Fargo (2014) Amazon - iTunes

When Hitman Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) arrives in a small Minnesota town, he brings a lot of violence with him and he makes an unlikely friend, who's life is changed forever due to the encounter.

The Newsroom trailer

The Newsroom (2012) Amazon

Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is the lead anchor on News Night, who puts his career on the line, when he decides to change the format of his popular news show to start delivering real news with important information, instead of simple entertainment, which gets higher ratings.

Justified trailer

Justified (2010) Amazon - iTunes

After shooting a mob hitman, U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) gets reassigned from Miami to Eastern Kentucky, where he continues to find more trouble.

Hell on Wheels trailer

Hell on Wheels (2011) Amazon - iTunes

Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon is looking for revenge for the murder of his wife and son. This leads him to an encampent, which follows the railhead of the Union Pacific Railroad and he takes on the job of chief engineer and foreman of the railroad.

The Shield trailer

The Shield (2002) Amazon - iTunes

The story is about four detectives in LA's anti-gang unit, who do what they have to to keep the gangs in line, while futhering their own interests. The story is inspired by the Rampart Division police scandal in LA.

True Detective trailer

True Detective (2014) Amazon

A story about two detectives who are hunting for a serial killer in Louisiana over the span of 17 years.

Halt and Catch Fire trailer

Halt and Catch Fire (2014) Amazon

A fictional story about the personal computing boom in the 1980s and the visionaries behind it.

Vikings trailer

Vikings (2013) Amazon - iTunes

This is a show inspired by the stories of mythological Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest for power.

Archer trailer

Archer (2009) Amazon - iTunes

This is an animated action comedy made for adult audience and it portrays the innerworkings of an international spy agency.

Suits trailer

Suits (2011) Amazon - iTunes

The story follows a college-dropout Mike Ross (who gets hired as a lawyer, because of his natural intelligence and eidetic memory) and his boss Harvey Specter, who is one of the best lawyers in New York.

The Wire trailer

The Wire (2002) Amazon - iTunes

Each season of The Wire focuses on crime and corruption in a different side of the city of Baltimore and we are shown how the police is trying to fight it.

Rome trailer

Rome (2005) Amazon - iTunes

Rome shows us the Ancient Rome's transition to an Empire and the daily lives of several illustrious historical figures, as well as the struggles of Roman soldiers and generals.

Sons of Anarchy trailer

Sons of Anarchy (2008) Amazon

A show about the illegal activities of an outlaw motorcycle club and the vice president of the club, who wants to change the way they do business.

South Park trailer

South Park (1997) Amazon - iTunes

South park is an animated comedy show suitable for adult viewers and it shows the adventures of four boys in a small dysfunctional town in Colorado.

Boardwalk Empire trailer

Boardwalk Empire (2010) Amazon

Boardwalk Empire centers around the life of Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), a politician and a criminal kingpin in Atlantic City during the prohibition era.

Supernatural trailer

Supernatural (2005) Amazon - iTunes

This show is about two brothers who hunt violent supernatural creatures, including demons, vampires, ghosts, werewolves and various lesser known monsters.

Spartacus: War of the Damned trailer

Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010) Amazon

A story about a Thracian warrior, who's life is destroyed by a roman general and who makes a name for himself in the gladiator arena in an attempt to gain freedom for himself and his wife.

Breaking Bad trailer

Breaking Bad (2008) Amazon - iTunes

A story about a very overqualified high school chemistry teacher, who turns to a life of crime after he is diagnosed with cancer.

Game of Thrones trailer

Game of Thrones (2011) Amazon

An epic fantasy drama series about a civil war in a mythical land of Westeros and the noble houses that are fighting for the control of the seven kingdoms, while also dealing with personal vendettas.

24 trailer

24 (2001) Amazon - iTunes

Each season shows 24 hours of the the life of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who is a top field agent in a counter terrorist unit in Los Angeles.

House M.D. trailer

House M.D. (2004) Amazon

Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is a misanthropic maverick doctor, who uses unconventional methods to solve most difficult medical cases.